Wholesale Resilient Flooring for Residential

Select from a wide variety of resilient residential flooring available in the Southwest.

Resilient flooring continues to be one of the most popular flooring choices because of its variety of colors, styles and textures. Its economical, versatile and easy-to -clean flooring that works well in high-moisture areas. Technological advances in resilient flooring offer an array of design ideas and capabilities that will please your customers.

Available in roll sheet, tiles, planks and in varying sizes—resilient flooring possibilities are endless. New advances in product finishes and coatings can eliminate the need for polishes and spray buffing in some applications, making resilient floors low-maintenance. Adleta offers a deep inventory of resilient products available for next-day delivery throughout the Southwest from either our Carrollton, Texas flooring warehouse or our Little Rock, Arkansas flooring warehouse

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