Jack & Dianne Adleta

Jack & Dianne Adleta

Welcome from the people behind Adleta,
the Southwest’s top flooring provider

Adleta is a multi-million dollar company that employs over 100 flooring professionals in the Southwest, from Texas to Mississippi, including customer service phone representatives, field sales representatives, flooring instructors, truck drivers and delivery personnel, and warehouse personnel who are committed to the success of your flooring business.

Letter from the President

As the Adleta Corporation enters its 40th year as a floor covering distributor, we want to thank all of the people that have made us successful. First of all a thank you to our customers, we have been so fortunate to have built relationships with a group of people that are loyal and a pleasure to do business with. Our suppliers, from the day we partnered with Armstrong we made the decision to represent only the best. Our goal will always be to make sure we have quality suppliers that are leaders in their product categories. Of course, we must recognize our most important asset, our Adleta team members. Jack and Dianne Adleta “set the tone” by treating employees as a family. When you look at the tenure of our team (63% of our employees have been with us over 10 years) you can see this philosophy has been successful.

Over the last 40 years we have strived to build our business upon these three core values:

1) We are trusted by our customers and our suppliers. 
It’s simple, “Do what you say you are going to do”, “Do the right thing.”

2) We are committed to your success.
This means making the investments in inventories, merchandising, technology, transportation and education that allows our customers and our people to succeed.

3) We are concerned for your welfare. 
The benefit packages we provide for our employees, our safety program and company health fairs show our concern for the Adleta team. But we are just as proud of the contributions and efforts to give back to the communities we do business in. We also like to say we “personally know our customers, and they will always be a person and a friend, not an account number”.

As President of Adleta Corporation, I am proud to be part of this relationship with our customers and suppliers and to be involved with this group of dedicated and talented Adleta Team Members. Thank you to all for your tremendous support.

John B.Sher


Adleta Company Values

Adleta is dedicated to value-added services for our flooring customers and ethical/responsible business practices including:

  • Leveraging our knowledge of flooring products and installation for innovative applications
  • Support for green initiatives and resource sustainability
  • Keeping current with new flooring product introductions
  • Advancing efficient logistics and responsible financing to assure customers are provided with the lowest prices
  • Maintaining positive supplier relationships and frequent communications with our suppliers
  • Understanding local markets and providing exclusivity to our retail channels
  • Practicing “Just in Time” Delivery with fast, accurate accounting of mill inventory and stock
  • Utilizing modern, accurate data systems and efficient technologies

The #1 Hard Surface Flooring Resource in the Southwestern U.S.

Adleta has built a reputation as the most trusted hard surface flooring distributor in the Southwest, distributing flooring from Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, all the way East of the Mississippi in Tennessee and Mississippi. Efficient operations, friendly service, and a commitment to the success of our customers and suppliers are just a few of the reasons Adleta has become a leading U.S. hard-surface flooring distributor.