Hard Surface Flooring Distributor | Adleta Corporation, Carrollton, TX

Stand on our reputation as the leading hard surface flooring distributor in the Southwest.

Adleta Flooring Distribution MapFor over 40 years, Adleta Corporation has been one of the most trusted hard surface flooring distributors in the nation. You can depend on Adleta for innovative flooring products, service, sales distribution training, and credit and financing knowledge that have withstood the test of time. Listen to our customer feedback.

From eastern New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, all the way East of the Mississippi in the western tip of Tennessee and the northern tip of Mississippi, we’ve built our reputation as a leading flooring distributor by putting our customers’ needs first. We are commitment to the success of our customers and suppliers, and care about your welfare.

Our distribution centers in Carrollton, Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas make us the best wholesale flooring distributor in the southwest U.S. We pride ourselves on stocking the most in-demand flooring products, as well as the latest innovative products in the industry.

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